Time to Start

Time to Start

I need to get out there. I have a burning desire to share my experiences, but fear holds me back.

Fear of Failure.

Fear of Judgement.

Fear of Consequence.

Fear of Rejection.

We all can relate to the trappings of Fear. How can I conquer this? I’m far too early into my journey to be “fearless” so I found new, greater fears to replace old ones:

Fear of Regret.

Fear of living an Inauthentic Life.

Fear of my kids and spouse viewing me as a spineless, inauthentic hypocrite.

On paper, I’m an overwhelming success.
In real life, I’m an overwhelming failure.
The good news is the journey isn’t over and there’s plenty of time for recalibration.

I used to worry about relevance. Who would care for Brazilian jiu-jitsu one day and machine learning the next? The merits of microservices architecture or how Great Britain came back from historic inequality in the 1820's? The latest article in The Atlantic or my experience as a Sikh high schooler in post 9/11 America?

I have accepted that there will be posts you engage with and posts you don’t. Posts you agree with and disagree with. Posts you learn from and posts that offend (Note: Offending someone, or a group of people, will never be my primary intent. It will likely be the byproduct of facts presented in a clinical manner).

I will make plenty of mistakes.

No matter how you feel, I simply ask for engagement, for that is my selfish desire in all of this. I want to find “The Others”… those I can banter with on topics of my interest and push them forward. For I know not where this journey will lead us, but I know that the path is paved with authentic engagements, with authentic connections.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. Leave a comment. Stay tuned. Taj out.